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Once the payment of your service has been validated, the Tour on top team will request the necessary data to issue the invoice to the email you provided us at the time of your reservation, you will have to receive your invoice in no more than 48 hours from the moment of your payment.
In any service published in Tour at the top tip is included, the tip, although not mandatory, generates a favorable incentive for those who provide a service and motivates them to improve in their respective areas, so we received a good service no what uncles!.

Food and drink

None of our reservations in Food and Beverages have any cost, you only have to pay what you consume in the places you visit.
The time of tolerance of the affiliated establishments to Tour on top is generally of 15 minutes, after this time it is considered as No Assistance and your name will automatically go to the Waiting List, we recommend you present it with 5 minutes in advance to avoid any inconvenience.
Some establishments allow access with children until certain times of the day, if you plan an afternoon of drinks we recommend you to make sure it is a place with a family atmosphere.
You will be asked to confirm your reservation, which you received by email from Tour On top to schedule it, we suggest that the reservation holder should arrive first than the other guests to avoid confusion about the assigned tables.
We recommend planning your reservations 2 days in advance, in the case of large groups we recommend you book between 3 and 5 days before your scheduled date.
We recommend you to call us if for any reason you have the need to cancel your reservation, since the places are moved with time and in case people do not arrive this can generate losses to the establishments and complicate the operation of them. Generate a cancellation does not generate any charge, but if you generate more than 3 cancellations in a short period of time we could see the necesity to block your account temporarily or permanently.

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